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Retirement Planning

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire but at what Income !” – George Foreman

Retirement planning is one of the least prioritized aspects even though it is the most critical in any individual’s investment process in today’s times. At Kyron Consultants, we put No 1 priority in our financial planning services to Retirement Planning

As India and the world makes rapid strides in health science, the obvious positive impact of it is seen in the life expectancy of these countries (refer to graph illustration). This in turn will result in each one of us spending almost 1/3rd of our life in the ‘retired’ age category. All of us need to plan well for this extended lifespan during our active income-earning years, starting today.

Its of utmost importance to be self sufficient during your sunset years and take good care of yourself, your spouse, medical, household expenses and also avoid being a burden on your children monetarily.

Connect with us today to discuss live with our in-house Certified Retirement Planning Specialist  (CFP- FPSB India) and start your stress free financial independence journey !