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Why Insurance

The biggest risk in today’s fast paced and no guaranteed world is to not have adequate coverage for any risk events. These risk events could be anything related to your life, health, job security, professional indemnity (as a businessman or a professional), third party or other general risks. Any unforeseen circumstance can put tremendous strain on your own financials and family’s well being. It’s paramount for bread winners to insure all risks and lead a stress free life.

Which one?

Though there are many aspects of our life that we need to insure, the ones which are the most critical but most ignored are life coverage and health coverage. As we grow older the risk of not having adequate insurance cover for these two areas almost always puts the entire family at tremendous risk of achieving financial goals successfully.

What we Offer

We at Kyron Consultants offer an overall review of your financial status, risk assessment and recommend adequate insurance coverage required to sustain and keep all your financial goals on track. These recommendations would include your life insurance, keeping in mind your post income generation years as well, Health or Mediclaim to cover immediate needs and all other General insurance coverages. Please connect with us today  to discuss and do a free insurance requirement analysis.