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Mutual Funds

What are Mutual Funds?

To many new investors understanding Mutual Funds sounds and looks very complicated, in contrary it’s a very simple, stress free way to participate in any nation’s economic growth in a profitable manner. Mutual Funds is essentially a Trust that collects money from investors across with a common investment objective – what we call a scheme objective. These funds are invested by the nominated fund managers across various instruments including direct equity (stocks), bond, money market instruments and other securities. Each investor holding in this fund is the number of units which represents a portion of the overall fund. All the income and profits generated from this collective investment is distributed proportionately amongst the investors (post deduction of fees and expenses) by way of the scheme’s Net Asset Value (NAV). For every investor, Mutual Fund is the easiest way to diversify their investments into the equity asset class which is professionally managed at a low cost.


As an investor, you can either manage your own finances or hire professional help. Your choice needs to be later when,

  • You do not have expertise – we cannot hire an electrician to do a plumbing job!
  • You do not have enough time or inclination – finance and number crunching does not attract every individual with the same passion.
  • You can spend your time pursuing hobbies or activities of your choice – taking professional help in investing frees up your time to pursue that art class, cooking, or sports hobby without any worries!

How does Mutual Fund Investing Help?

  • No Prior Knowledge required – Personally you only need to opt to invest in MFs as an asset class while the actual investments are taken care by the fund managers
  • Professionally Managed – Fund managers oversee your investments 24*7 so you can sleep peacefully without any worries!
  • Diversified irrespective of Corpus – Even a small amount like INR 500/- is diversified across various businesses to provide you with risk coverage
  • Convenient to Buy or Sell  – MFs fall under liquid assets category with many schemes being open-ended, meaning you can buy and sell anytime unlike a hard asset like real estate which is a more time consuming effort
  • Hassle-Free – with entire online options available now, you don’t need to move out of your desk to start these investments..  isliye toh Mutual Funds hi Sahi Hai !

What We Offer?

At Kyron Consultants we offer a simple fee-based service for all your mutual funds’ investments. The model works in a fashion where your existing portfolio is reviewed along with personal financial goals and an investment plan constructed. Investments into Mutual Funds are generally recommended only after a sound financial planning is covered identifying your own risk appetite, priority of life goals and current financial status. We offer generation and review of a financial report as part of this engagement.

This fee-based model, starting as low as INR 15000/-, will cover personalized financial goals review and construction of your mutual fund portfolio by an investment advisor. The framework developed will be based on short term, medium term and long-term goals with a yearly renewal option and unlimited engagement throughout the period.

The actual fees slab would depend directly on type of engagement opted, total AUM being serviced and total financial advisor hours of engagement sought. Please reach us here to discuss life and start your investment planning process.

How does it help You?

Generally, most of financial and mutual fund advisory services are a one-time review based and/or associated with commission costs which are a drag on your overall returns over a long period, especially as the corpus grows larger. Our fee-based service would result in your overall expense to be lower by as much as 65-75% comparatively over same period with unlimited engagement and active management personalized to client’s needs.